Dropbox Hack or Hoax

Dropbox Hack or Hoax

Today you may have heard about a Dropbox hack of 68 Million people's data but this isn't a new hack. This is a hack that happened in 2012. The thing that is putting this in the news today is that the files have been found on the internet and are being confirmed as the real deal.

So what does this mean?

When this was first discovered 4 years ago Dropbox said that they sent everyone a link to reset their password. Whether people did or not is the concern.

Here is an article that explains some of the concerns about the data that has turned up today.


and a senior Dropbox employee told the publication that the credentials were legitimate, and data leak compiler and security researcher Troy Hunt has since chimed in to agree.


If you haven't already reset your password, and don't think a variation of your password will be enough, reset the password and any passwords that could be similar, hackers are very smart and where there is a will, an algorithm, and a hacker there is a way.



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