I am deeply satisfied with the expert work of Wendy Byrne and her company, Blackrock Networks, Inc. As a fellow business owner, I have found her professional, extraordinary knowledgeable, and—perhaps most importantly--successful in producing the desired results of our work together. I approached Blackrock Networks to address the SEO development needs of my company’s website, www.CambridgeEditors.com. Conducting a detailed analysis, she and her team produced a report ranking recommended changes in order of priority, evincing state-of-the-art familiarity with Google Algorithms. Since we are working within a budget, Wendy further distinguished between changes we could accomplish on our end, and items requiring subsequent technical input. In the few weeks that have elapsed, we see significant increases in organic traffic to our website. Thus, for a whole host of reasons, I feel fortunate to have worked with Wendy Byrne and her company, and will continue to do so.

Dr. Harte Weiner CEO, CambridgeEditors,
[Name removed] has restored my faith in professionals who are truly interested in being fully present with the project at hand. [Name removed] is not only exceptionally professional and creative at what she does with web designing, but she works tirelessly at meeting the needs of her clients. I would unreservedly recommend [Name removed] to create a website for anyone looking for a truly professional and trustworthy web designer.

Linda Brescia, Owner, Brescia Surface Design Group,

It was divine intervention for sure when we met [Name removed] from Blackrock Networks. We knew that in this day and age to conduct business and be successful, a website isn't a luxury, but a necessity. While being technology-challenged is an understatement in our case, it was our good fortune that we decided to approach [Name removed] for our needs. She is a very patient, understanding, and very savvy young woman, who was always there when we called, and always accommodated our schedule. We couldn't be more pleased with the service and professionalism she provides

Dan & June Weiner, Galaxsea Travel, Ashland, MA,

Blackrock Networks built a fabulous interactive website for us. The information is clearly displayed, the navigation is easy, and the customer comments are always positive. They also put our developments on the map, by carefully demonstrating the important aspects of search engine optimization, we are always top billing thanks to them!"

Judi Teller, Realtor, Berkshire Realty Group,