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Ways to use

For more information about using Houzz as a professional, check out the following links: For architects: For designers: For builders/remodelers: also a relevant article for remodelers: For vendors/showrooms:
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Get a Vanity URL for Google+

So you would think that if Google is trying to get more people to use their Social Network service called Google+ they would make it easy for people and business to promote their pages via easy to remember URL's. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn do it. So why not Google+? I can't answer the why but…
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Outlook Social Connector

Outlook Social Connector is a great feature installed with Outlook 2010 however you can now get this as a add-on for Outlook 2007. The social connector is one other way to keep connected with your clients in a more personal way. Learn More at: Get it now: Frequently asked questions about Outlook Social…
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