Get a Vanity URL for Google+

Get a Vanity URL for Google+

So you would think that if Google is trying to get more people to use their Social Network service called Google+ they would make it easy for people and business to promote their pages via easy to remember URL's. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn do it. So why not Google+? I can't answer the why but I can help with the process of getting ready for the day they allow all users to get a Vanity URL.

Right Now Google's official line is: “Your Google+ page must already have a meaningful number of followers.” What that magic # is is also a mystery but it is safe to assume that 5 or 10 does not qualify. If we get info that there is a magic # we will update the article. Some lucky brands were part of a beta roll-out that Google determined could have their own Vanity URL. They are below. If you aren't one on the lucky few here are some steps to follow to get you ready.

Step 1: Get your Google+ page verified.

Google+ verification confirms the identity of the business and places an official check mark at the top of your Google+ page. At the time of the post business  that do not have a physical location can not get a verified Google+ page. They will need to  opt for displaying their physical address. Follow the instructions below to submit your business to become verified.


Part A: You need to have a link to your website in the "About" section of your Google+ Page.


Part B: Add Code Snippet

Next add the code required to your website so Google can verify you own the site. Contact your web developer if you need help adding the code to your website.

Step 2:Request Verification at

Step 3:

Wait for an email verification that your Google+ Page has been verified. It will usually say something like:

"Dear User,
Congratulations! Your page is now verified.
Please note that any changes to the name of your page will result in a loss of your verified status.
Google+ Support Team"

Step 4: Last but not least, check your Google+ page frequently.

If Google decides that you have met their criteria one day you may see a link that says "claim your URL". Once you do, click this, and you will be one of the luck few to get a Vanity URL from Google.