Yearly Archives: 2015

How to change your Webmail Signature Locations

Use the Signatures feature to make changes to your email signatures when sending through webmail. Click the Settings icon on the top right by your email account. Settings >> Composing Mail >> Signatures To add a new signature, click the Add New Signature button, and enter a signature name and a signature in the spaces…
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What does net neutrality mean for you?

It still amazes me that people would rather take sides based on political positions rather than determining what it in the best interest of the people. Take the Net Neutrality for example, most people seem to take their position based on talking points on TV and the internet. Of course the reason we can see…
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Using Contact Form 7

In many of the websites we develop in WordPress one of the more popular plugins we use is the Contact Form 7 plugin. It is fairly simple to use. A little short code added to a post or page and you have a contact form. Need a more customized contact form you cna add and…
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