Show Unread emails in Favorites Folder in Outlook 2010

Show Unread emails in Favorites Folder in Outlook 2010

So this has perplexed me for some time but not enough for me to dig deep into finding a solution, until now.

Today I added a 5th email account to Outlook and decided it was time to solve this problem.

Up until now I have all my "inboxes" under my favorites so that I don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom of my side panel to see what I have for new emails.

However over the past few months Outlook seems to no longer show the unread count (or bold) for the favorites folder. If I scroll to the bottom the inbox shows the count but what good is having a favorites section if you still have to scroll down.

I know that Outlook is downloading new messages in the background, but the new message count is not automatically updated in the folders under Favorites.

So the search began for a fix. I tried various fixes recommend on a number of support forums and none seemed to work. Than I stumbled across a combination solution which has finally resolved the issue.

One way is to change the startup page to the Outlook Today page. That seemed to refresh the folders butĀ  I really just want to open Outlook to view my email, not the Outlook today screen.

Instead I did this:

  • Open Outlook Today by clicking on the account name for your default Outlook data file (often the first one in the folder list)
  • Click "Customize Outlook Today" in the upper right.
  • On the options screen, select "Choose Folders", then select the Inbox under each IMAP account. Deselect anything that isn't relevant.

This appears to cause the Favorites folders to "refresh" when Outlook starts up, making them show the number of unread messages.

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