Monthly Archives: April 2014

Yahoo / AOL changes Sending Policy

Not surprisingly companies are always trying to find ways to protect their users from Spam and Phishing schemes, however, Yahoo and AOL made a change this week than can effect a lot of email marketing and notification services. They have changed their DMARC policy which means that emails sent from a third party system using…
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Security threats abound this week, OpenSSL

From Microsoft ending support for XP and OpenSSL having a major code fault the web has been a buzz about security. The problem with OpenSSL vulnerability (called Heatbleed by Google) is that the issue has been there for 2 years but researchers on the right side of the law have just found it. The wrong…
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The clock is ticking for Windows XP

Yes, yes I know. Another post reminding users to take their Windows XP machines off line and either upgrade or get a new computer. Remember some computers running Windows XP may be to old to just handle the upgrade and you will need a beefier computer. On that note Microsoft is introducing a promotion of…
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