Yahoo / AOL changes Sending Policy

Yahoo / AOL changes Sending Policy

Not surprisingly companies are always trying to find ways to protect their users from Spam and Phishing schemes, however, Yahoo and AOL made a change this week than can effect a lot of email marketing and notification services.

They have changed their DMARC policy which means that emails sent from a third party system using a Yahoo or AOL "from" email will no longer be delivered to the intended recipient. This poses a problem for a lot of business, including our email marketing clients.

Right now most clients do use a proper branded email like we recommend and we add an additional SPF record to a clients domain to make delivery rates higher (others don't do that) but there are some that still use Yahoo or AOL email. In this case you will need to change this to a branded email.

It’s only a matter of time before other ISPs, such as Gmail and Hotmail, make similar changes. So switching from one Free email provider is as they say "out of the fryer pan and into the fire". We can't say that we won't make this change at some point with our email system, we too must battle spam for our clients but it is a fine line between getting emails delivered and SPAM diverted.

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For more information about these changes from Yahoo and AOL use the links below