Monthly Archives: January 2014

Why doesn’t my email arrive with an attachment?

As a user recently reported an email I sent with an attachment never arrived. Not even in the Spam box. So what happened? Well my first thought is my email was blocked, but no. Emails without this particular attachment arrived fine. Next thought, the attachment is being flagged and the ISP is trashing it before…
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What Browser version am I using?

In any bug reporting a key item to replicating the issue is to know some key details. In Chrome follow these instructions. 1) Click Setting in the upper right corner. 2) Click About Google Chrome 3) See what version and send these details to your tech support along with the Operating System you are using…
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Microsoft Outlook 2010: Adding a Text Entry to AutoCorrect

Most people use short hand to abbreviate common words like info = information and pic for picture, but is this really good email etiquette. Well there is a little known trick to using the auto-correct feature in Outlook to fix these abbreviations for you. Follow the steps below to make your life a bit easier…
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