Yearly Archives: 2011

WordPress featured image issues

You may have noticed that some themes that used to display the header image on a page or post as the featured image are no longer showing up and defaulting to the primary header. At first this was thought to be a bug with the latest WordPress update but according to WordPress it is actually…
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How to Report Bugs Effectively

My guidelines, Be specific. What Operating System are you using? What Browser? What Versions of that Browser? What is the URL you used to visit the site? What actions did you take that resulted in the “error”? Send a screen shot of the steps you took, from a Mac OR From a PC In the end…
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Compress a folder for sending

How to compress a  folder on Windows So you need to send some large files to us so we can add them to your website click here for sending tutorials. 1. Select the folder to compress 2. Create Zip Folder 3. Zip Folder Created
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