WordPress – Theme Options

WordPress – Theme Options

The given theme contains the Settings option. These settings allow for easy and quick change of the theme color palette, the items order, items on /off etc. In order to use these settings please go to Appearance > Theme Options.

General settings

  • Body styling – you can select the body color and background pattern.
  • Header background color – Header background color
  • Buttons and links color – Buttons and links color
  • Typography – a set of Typography settings
  • Display search box? – show/hide the search bar in the header
  • Custom CSS – if you need to add some css rules but you don’t want to mess with the main css file, you can use this field. Just insert your new css rules


  • What kind of logo? – indicates what kind of logo to use, whether the text one or the image logo.
  • Logo URL – with Image logo selected you can upload the new image with the help of the ‘upload’ feature or use any pic from the Media Library

Main Navigation

  • Delay – delay in milliseconds that defines when the menu hides
  • Fade-in animation – enabe/disable the fade-in animation
  • Slide-down animation – enabe/disable the slide animation
  • Speed – the speed of the submenu expanding
  • Arrows markup – enabe/disable arrows for the menu items that have submenus
  • Drop shadows – show/hide the submenu shadow

Slider Settings

  • Slider effects – slider transition effect
  • Number of slices – amount of slices in the slider
  • Box columns – amount of box columns in the slider (for effects based on box animation only)
  • Box rows – amount of box rows in the slider (for effects based on box animation only)
  • Animation speed – the speed of the animation (ms)
  • Pause time – delay between slides (ms)
  • Display Next & Prev navigation – show/hide the Next & Prev buttons
  • Display Next & Prev navigation only on hover? – this options allows to specify when the Next & Prev navigation is displayed
  • Show Pagination – show or hide pagination (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4 …)
  • Opacity of caption – caption opacity

Blog section

  • Sidebar position – you can select the position for the sidebar(right or left)
  • Blog image size – the Image size (Normal size or Large size) for the Blog page
  • Single post image size – the image size (Normal size or Large size) for the single post page
  • Enable Meta for blog posts? – display meta for posts
  • Enable excerpt for blog posts? – display excerpt for posts


  • Footer copyright text – footer text content. If the text field is empty, the default content will be displayed. It is located in the footer.php file
  • Google Analytics Code -you can put a code for gathering your site’s SEO stats. . For instance, Google Analytics Code
  • Feedburner URLFeedburner is a Google service that takes care of your RSS feed. Paste your Feedburner URL here to let readers see it in your website
  • Display Footer menu – enable or disable the footer menu

Please note, these are common/standard theme options of our templates. Your particular template may include different options panels with different names and functionality. Please refer to your template documentation for the most accurate information.