Separate mobile site versus responsive site

Separate mobile site versus responsive site


Is responsive design really the way to go? Would you be better having a separate mobile website? Its all about return on investment.

Although I love the idea of responsive design, and find it very rewarding when it all comes together I must say I agree with many of the things that Jakob has written in his post.

The most important thing that has come up very little when people talk about separate versus responsive is about the cost involved. From a business perspectives, and lets face it is business' that put most mobile sites online, that should be the first question.

"Responsive design can prove massively time consuming to code if you decide to build an optimal mobile user experience. Of course, it can be done cheaper but the experience won’t be as good.."

Of course a cost is also involved if you are changing content in two locations instead of just one. A separate site means maintaining two content areas.

What if you could have both a great user experience and use content from the main site. Now there is a solution. Blackrock Networks, Inc. is now providing its clients with a mobile content management system. It can pull content from your main website and make it more mobile friendly. Yet, it has features targeted specifically to the mobile user. Click to call, Photos, Directions, Social Share, Yelp Reviews all at your fingertips.