ICANN Goes International. Is it a good thing?

ICANN Goes International. Is it a good thing?

US Agreement With ICANN Leaves Much Undone
"The oversight of the Internet's infrastructure will become more international under a new government agreement with ICANN. But many concerns remain unresolved."

Not that I disagree in the idea that all people be involved in a free and open internet; I believe that opening ICANN up in a United Nations Model without any clear agreements in place about who and how domains can be used is a problem. Countries that support censorship in areas such as search engines would likely look to impose censorship of domain purchases in one form or another. Really look how well and how fast the United Nations works now when accomplisging goals.

In case you haven't already noticed the chaos of all the new domain extensions coming at you in email after email, .expert, .guru, .almostanything, you can see how it is already starting to run away.

With all these new regulations and requirements being added to ICANN for domain name registrars  we have decided to partner with TuCows to manger domain registrations to help keep up with the ever changing regulations coming this way. With this partnership customers will be able to manage their domain names themselves, update their billing and have full control over their domain names. This does mean that clients will be fully responsible for keeping their contact and billing information current in order to avoid the cancellation of their domain.


"The Tucows Domain Promise"

"When you buy a domain name through a Tucows partner, you are buying more than just a domain name. You are buying a commitment to the fairest, most honest, most consumer-friendly principles and policies in the industry. Taking that commitment even a step further, we offer you this promise. Read More"


So why buy through TuCows and Blackrock Networks, Inc instead of GoDaddy or Network Solutions?

Here's why:

  • Free contact privacy! (most domains/TLDs) NO Extra fee to keep your info to yourself.
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