Google Partner Videos

Google Partner Videos

For all those not able to attend our event in person we have provided videos of the event below. I have chosen to order the three part event in order of what I believe to be the most useful instead of the order of presentation.

The first and I think one of the most useful parts of our partner program presentation is with Fred Vallaeys as he discussed AdWords and other tools used in online advertising, especially focused on some ways business can handle online advertising themselves. This is also a great video for those who just want to get some insight as to what other online options are out there, Yelp, Facebook, and more.

The second video is a Q&A answered by Arjan, author of The Small Think Big Book, he shares insights, stories, and actionable items to help your business in todays digital marketplace.

The third part/video discusses some of the benefits of working with a Google Partner and some questions you should ask. Ben Wood addresses three main questions for example:

1) Why choose a Google Partner/Ad Agency for your marketing program?
"Market Knowledge and online marketing is complicated...and it gets more complicated everyday, an agency focuses their time and energy on understanding the digital marketplace"