Domain Transfers

Domain Transfers

Basic Domain requirements to begin a transfer.

A domain name transfer moves your domain name registration from one registrar to another. These instructions are to transfer your domain name from your current registrar to us.

Before authorizing your domain name transfer, be sure that:

  • The domain name is unlocked at your current registrar.
  • You have an authorization code from your current registrar, if required. Some domain name extensions, primarily country-code top-level domain names, ccTLDs, do not require an authorization code.
  • The administrative contact for the domain name has a valid, published email address in the Whois database.
  • You have the transfer authorization email we sent to the domain name's administrative contact right after the transfer purchase.

Once you've gathered and verified the above information, you're ready to begin authorization of the transfer.

Tips to make your domain transfer run smoothly

  • All transfer authorization communication uses the the email address for the administrative contact of the domain name. Be sure that it's correct with your current registrar.
  • The domain name must be unlocked at it's current registrar for the transfer to proceeded.
  • ICANN regulations prohibit transferring domain names registered or previously transferred in the last 60 days.

NOTE: For most domain name extensions, the move between registrars takes from 5 to 7 days once the transfer is authorized. The process and time required for the transfer can vary for certain extensions, primarily ccTLDs. For more information on exceptions to the transfer process for a specific domain name extension, see help content for that extension.

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