Changing Gmail From Address

Changing Gmail From Address

Although we suggest that you add your other email accounts to our business class webmail user interface, complete with spam filters, ad-free, user friendly features and up to 50mb attachments  (See image below)


Some may still wish to use other webmail interfaces. To use Gmail as the interface for your email accounts you can choose to add a from address that will display the correct business address you have hosted with us.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Select Add another email addressGmail Settings

Step 3: Complete the required information in the dialog boxes.


Step 4: Change your default "reply-to" address. You can also change this later on in the main settings.

Step 5: Verify Your email. Check your email account for the email with the verification code and enter it in Gmail.


Step 6: If you didn't do this in Step 4 you can now change your default "reply-to" address here. For the default email click > edit infoUntitled-4

Step 7: Update the reply to address with the desired email.


Step 8: If you need to change the email while replying or composting an email select the drop down from the From field. Choose the email address you want and continue on with your email.