Am I at the right URL

Am I at the right URL

Every thought you typed in the correct domain name but only to find yourself at the wrong place or getting a security error. Sometimes browsers try to do the thinking for you and if you start a domain with say just it will put http:// at the beginning for you. Great right?

But what if you want to get to the Secure site with the SSL certificate installed. You have to make sure that the beginning has that all important "s" for security. It should say

Now for the all important question, how can I tell? You would think this would be easy just look at the address bar for the URL and there it is.


But no, on a number of browsers they hide the prefix http:// and https:// so how is a non-tech person supposed to figure it out. Here is a easy way to check.

1) Select the URL in the address bar

2) Copy and paste it into a plain text editor. It will paste the entire text.

3) Check to see if the http:// has a s in it.

OR Watch the video below by Blackrock Networks, Inc.'s YouTube Channel.