WordPress 5.0 is coming

WordPress 5.0 is coming

OK, so we have been talking about this a lot, and it feels like each time the release is going to happen something at WordPress.org pushes the date out.

But today on the official WordPress blog, https://wordpress.org/news/, the date is listed as December 6th. Now that doesn't mean everyone gets it installed at once. It will take some time for people and hosters to roll out updates. Still it is good to be prepared.

Whenever a release includes a major update (or even small ones) it is important that websites are reviewed by you to make sure the site still functions as expected. Occasionally updates like these can affect the way certain plugins work, or even make some plugins irrelavent.

In this case WordPress has taken some of the functionality that was previously achieved with plugins and added it to the core installation. The plus side is the less plugins a site needs the cleaner and faster it can load. However, this also means if duplicate functionality exists it may cause compatibility issues.You can always check your WordPress dashboard to see what version you have.

Check out the WordPress blog at https://wordpress.org/news/ for the latest WordPress news.

Gutenberg Editor
It is the new post editor that will replace the classic WYSIWYG editor in WordPress. Gutenberg will help users create posts and pages through the use of drag and drop block editing.

The new editor for WordPress will be part of the "core" when WordPress 5.0 is released. To see what it will look like go to https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/ to watch a demo.

If you don’t want to use the new editor, then you need to go into your site’s Admin area and install the Classic Editor plugin which will keep things as they are now.